It’s nigh on impossible for a new band to stand out in the heavy music crowd these days, and especially in the heavily subscribed post-hardcore scene. But this Melbourne, Australia based five piece have a number of unique stylistic flavours up their collective sleeve that will give them a distinct edge. There are very few female fronted melodic post-hardcore bands on the block, and Drown This City are set to turn heads and set themselves apart through the intense and impassioned delivery of firebrand front-woman Alex Reade. Her vocals are both brutal and beautiful at the same time, as she skilfully switches from insane, flesh-ripping screams to soaringly melodic passages in the blink of an eye. She truly is a beacon in a heavily male dominated scene.

In addition, DTC began life as a strictly electronic project, aimed at the EDM scene. As things developed, the band quickly morphed into the completely ‘in your face’ post-hardcore beast that we hear today. 

However, much of that influence has remained in the sound, as they dexterously combine the two seemingly disparate sounds into a highly cohesive whole. The end product is a sonic smash to the face awash with pulsating synthy goodness, which will appeal to lovers of melodic heavy music and the dance crowd. Behind Reade is bassist and main songwriter Michael Furolo, highly skilled guitar slingers Laurence Appleby and Matt Bean, and the propulsive grooves and frenetic playing of drummer Anthony Pallas. Together, they create a layered wall of sound that will get any venue bouncing.

With their lineup and their unique and highly developed sound firmly in place, the band are set to make a huge mark for themselves in the Australian and international music scenes, with the release of their killer debut EP False Idols in early to mid 2016. Ready yourself for the blisteringly anthemic monster that is Drown This City.